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Finally my first video is done, go check it out!

Time for Flash

2008-12-29 14:37:01 by Neosetsu

Hi guys, N is back

I am kinda sad you know. I have not have much time for my flash (Ipods will rule the world) but I think it is going to be done in a few months. I know it is too much time but I don't
have THAT much time for flash. Well that is all for today c' ya

Ipods will rule the world

2008-12-24 13:16:14 by Neosetsu

Hello, its me again, N

I am working on a solo project. That is because the video of Four swords has been cancelled or atleast I guess so. Anyways I have too much free time and the inspiration has come so I cannot let it go. My new project is called " Ipods will rule the world" It is about.... em.... uh well deduce it from the title ok lol.

Video of The legend of Zelda Four Swords

2008-06-28 22:44:40 by Neosetsu

Me and Blackflash8 are planning to do a Four swords movie about romance and suspence (not really lol) Well actually we will be doing a funny movie of the adventures of these 4 swordsmen however I do not know when will we finish however be aware because it could be soon or late.